Intuitive Leadership

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Judy Morley PhD is a popular speaker, entrepreneur, and author. She has an extensive background in executive leadership, organizational development, and franchising, and speaks to audiences in both nonprofit and business sectors. Dr. Judy holds advanced degrees in history and interdisciplinary psychology, and is the author of multiple books and articles, including Use the Cosmic 2×4 to Hit a Home Run: Five Spiritual Steps to Overcome Adversity. She has been featured in several documentaries, including MPower: Empowering Women in Business and Beyond.

Her compassionate heart, entertaining style, and quick wit set Dr. Judy apart. From creative entrepreneurs and C-suite executives to the front-line employees and non-profit changemakers, Dr. Judy has proven solutions for enhancing your leadership strategies.

Dr. Judy holds advanced degrees in history and consciousness studies and has spent most of her career as an executive, entrepreneur, and professional educator in the fields of marketing, academia, and non-profit leadership.


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